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Monday, 23 October 2017

Is TSTV here yet?

I can't wait for TSTV enough.

My DSTV subscription expires today. I use the compact bouquet mainly because of the Premier League soccer. The channels that come in the package is also more exclusive in content, which increases my incentive mildly. But it's mainly because of the games.

Compact bouquet is 6,300 naira. If you pay with KongaPay, you pay slightly less. Using any other means sets you back at least 6,400.

Apart from the pay-per-view kind of package that TSTV offers, the subscription will be cheaper for me by about 50%.

I wonder if TSTV, will relay champions' league. As high as I pay, dstv doesn't give me live games for the competition. Very annoying. They only show one useless game on Wednesday night.

Now imagine getting all these for half the price and add 20gb of data for free! As if that is not enough, they are promising to give us HD decoders with on-demand features. So I can pause and rewind ⏪.


Someone tell me this is all coming to pass. Because as my dstv subscription expires on the 24th, I may have to let it fallow as TSTV comes online November 1.

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