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Monday, 18 September 2017

Where to buy your next printer and toner

As you know, the toner market in Lagos is a very delicate one filled with landmines almost at every turn. Many people have lost money or machine or both to the use of the wrong toner or ink cartridge. While for some the decision to use refill or a counterfeit product was deliberate, for others it was something to were sold to as the real deal.

It's always painful to fall victim of such unscrupulous sales men. In this post I try to help you avoid such chaos.

We are affiliated to TonerPlace, a one-stop spot for toner needs and print supplies. This also includes sales of printers and copiers at the most competitive prices. One of the best features of their service is that you can seat in your home office or at work and place an order for your toners and receive it in a timely manner. This applies whether you are leaving in Lagos or Abuja or Bayelsa or Benue. They always get the product to their customers.

I should know. I co-founded the business.

The reason I recommend them is they just then sell you products. They talk you through  the process. And if there is any issue with the toners ordered, you are not left in the cold. They offer product exchange if there's a product  defect or return your money if you think you didn't get what you requested and there's no way of getting it.

Don't take my word for it, go ahead and try them out for your next toner replacement. Whether it is HP toner cartridges or Sharp, Brother, Samsung, or less known supplies for Kyocera, Riso, Xerox. Stop dealing with people who leave you out in the cold.

Thank me later.

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