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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to add contact page to your Blogger blog

When trying to create a Blogger "contact us" page, there are few options. This is one of the many places WordPress stands head and should above Blogger but well, here we are. If you are one of us who have invested so many years and gained tons of exposure, not to mention search engine recognition, and you can't bear the thought of starting afresh on a new platform just because you want a working "contact us" page, read on.

Fortunately, the implementation is short and simple. Unlike many I found while looking for this solution. Here's what you do:

  1. Head on
  2. Select the check boxes on the right you want to show up in your form
  3. Play around with advanced settings if you know what you are doing (the default is perfect, I didn't waste my time there)
  4. Put in the email address you want to receive emails from this form on in the target email field
  5. Show you are not a bot by checking the I am not a robot check box
  6. Hit the Create Formula button
  7. Copy the HTML code from Foxyform formula page that you just created in #6
And you are done! Well, almost.

Now head on to the page you want to host  the contact us form on your blog. Create a fresh one and name it Contact us (or something like that), if you haven't done so already. In the text area, select HTML from the top bar.

Paste the HTML code.

 Add any descriptions you want from the Compose window - outside the code you just pasted. Make sure not to change anything on the HTML code. It might break the functionality.

Publish and display the page on one of your blog menus.

And we are done

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