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Monday, 11 September 2017

Buy brand new computers for less than market value

Let's admit it: buying items for less than the perceived value is very attractive to a lot of people - if not all people. There's something gratifying when we find out that we are buying a product less than what some other persons paid for it. Laptops are not an exception.

There's a little know secret to the larger public, that you can buy laptops for less when you buy the free DOS option. What's free DOS option? Glad you asked. Most laptops use Windows operating system, Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 or Windows 10. The latest of this lot is Windows 10 and it is gaining ground on the older versions in terms of market acceptance.

The thing is that laptop manufacturers (Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc) pay Microsoft some amount of money to have Windows OS installed on their machines. The manufacturers have an option of just making the machine and not add the popular Windows OS on it. Leaving the customer the choice of what operating system to install. These types of PCs are sold some good amounts cheaper than the ones that come with operating systems.

Unfortunately, not a lot of high-end laptops come without operating systems installed but you can get it in entry level and some mid range as well as desktop computers. So the onus lies on you to get the right operating system installed or you can get a professional to help you navigate the murky waters of software in Nigeria. Unless you are experienced in this endeavour, you do need professional to guide you because of counterfeits, multiple versions of operating systems with their different capabilities.

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