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Monday, 28 August 2017

View your Windows 10, 8, 8.1 License Keys with this Ridiculously Simple Tool

Many times we find ourselves looking for the license key of the operating systems we are using. Possibly because we want to do a clean installation due to malfunction or for some other reason like documentation.

Microsoft (MS) stopped displaying license keys since the days of Windows XP (or was it Vista). Well, gone are those times when you just look for the shiny sticker on the box or at the bottom of the machine and get the keys. Those days were cool. But I digress.

For security reasons, today's license keys are tied to the computer BIOS which helps the user to simply get activation once they reinstall the same operating system as long as there's no massive change in hardware like motherboard switch. If your motherboard is fried, you need to get a new license (that could be another reason you should document your license key!)

So how do you hunt out the license key from the freaking BIOS? There's no easy way designed by MS to help you with that. Instead a nifty tool was designed by I-don't-know-who for that exact purpose. The software is called produkey.

All you need to do is download it here, run the application file once unzipped and the license keys on your computer will be staring at your in all its glory. The beauty of app is that it doesn't just tell on the Windows license keys, even the Office Suite keys will be displayed.

(Remember your license key is your ticket to using either Windows or Office Suite programs. So protect it with your life!)


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