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Friday, 25 August 2017

Use this to Install .NET 3.5 on an Unwilling Windows 10 or 8 PC

I've an a scenario where I spent hours battling to install the silly Microsoft .net 3.5 framework on a client's PC so that I could install CorelDraw X6.

This usually happens after a reinstallation of a crashed operating system. Usually all user installed programs have to be reinstalled. So the dilemma is that CorelDraw X6 needs .Net 3.5 installed on the PC first.

This usually shouldn't be a problem but for some reason, the Windows inbuilt downloader for dot net will refuse to work (sometimes, patchy Internet is the culprit; at other times, Internet is great but it wouldn't just work). Even after downloading the software directly, it would still throw off errors on installation.

I had no choice but to search hard (a follower on Twitter abandoned his installation for weeks because of this problem). So I came upon this tool by happenstance purely. And it installed .Net 3.5 like a charm. Here's how it did it:

The offline installer (shown above) works in conjunction with a Windows 10 installation disc. You see, MS in their infinite wisdom included .Net inside Windows 10 (and 8, may be, I haven't tried but the software says and 8) installation file. So if you can lay your hand on a Windows 10 bootable usb or disc (if your PC came with one you are in luck), then the nightmare could be over in minutes.

Download the software here. Unzip it and run the .exe file. Have your Windows 10 bootable media (USB or CD) in the PC at this time and point the software to the drive which has the media (say F:\ or G:\ whatever letter your PC assigns the OS media). Then a "Found" blue text will show up on the right side of .Net Installation source field. Once that happens (takes a fraction of a second after pointing the app to the media correctly), click Install.

A command prompt (CMD) window will open where the software will show you the progress it is making in percentage on installing .Net on your PC. You should see success at the end. Then close the sweet software windows because you are done.

You are welcome.

Download the software here

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