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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Samsung J5 Prime is a Great Phone.

Samsung J5 Prime 2016

You are probably here because you are in the market for a new phone and you are checking out what people think about the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.

In a nutshell, it's a great phone.

I know because my wife has been using one for about 5 months now. At the beginning I was going between a Huawei and this Samsung phone but the clincher was that she wanted a Samsung product and the Huawei missing an important spec (I forget now what it was).

At the price point, the J5 Prime comes packed. We all know where to get phone specs - so I am not going to repeat them in details here. Check if you want more. But here are a few things that makes me give it a 4 star:

Build quality and size
This phone feels like premium in your hand. It doesn't feel overly large and it doesn't threaten to slip out of your palms. The material used is actually metal not the cheap plastic in the 2015 edition.

Corning Gorilla Glass
It's always a good thing to get an moderately expensive phone with this feature. Not that it won't break when it drops from a significant height but scratches and minor falls will be taken care of by the extra toughened glass.

Long lasting battery
My wife moved from an Infinix Zero (first edition) to this phone. So you can imagine her surprise when she went through the whole day without needing to recharge the phone. The battery can easily take an average phone usage the whole day and then some. Very important.

The fingerprint scanner (Samsung was generous with this feature!)
Now that most apps are beginning to incorporate fingerprint sign in, it is a great feature to have. It's better than keeping tabs on which password or pin you used. I would suggest not to use it for your banking apps though. We don't want someone moving your money while you sleep by touching your thumb while unconscious.

Good RAM and ROM sizes
I tell people, don't buy an android phone with less than 2GB of RAM or 16GB of memory. That's exactly what this phone comes with. And especially with Samsung making it difficult to make your SD card part of the internal memory (like stock Android does from 6.0), it's imperative to steer clear from 8GB phones.

So these are the reason I like the J5. What are yours?

Don't know where to get the genuine Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2016 edition? Send me a message on any of the social media channels or send me an email here.

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