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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Retailers Can't Do Without This!

The other day we deployed yet another Point-Of-Sale (PoS, shown in the image) system for yet another client.
Many retailers already know the value of having proper records but how many are scratching their heads wondering how to stop the 'looting' that happens in their businesses when they are not looking?
A PoS is a complete hardware/software solution that brings in the cavalry to the rescue of shop owners and large retail businesses. From salon to clothing to restaurants, every type of merchandise is covered in the robust software which is so flexible it works with proprietary hardware and open source. This means that you can decide to install the software in a computer you already own and you are good to go.
A bird's eye view of what it entails includes:
  • Track inventory assemblies
  • Track employee commissions automatically
  • Track layaways
  • Generate Purchase Orders
  • Product Multiple Discounts
  • Product Insurance
  • Product add-ons...
  • TimeClock tracking
If the complete solution is deployed, you can print receipts, scan product bar codes, manage cash and much much more. The good is that it is inexpensive to deploy. Contact us today and we take it from there.
Collins Onwochei, partner at JNC

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