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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What Tablet Should You Get?

Since the introduction of tablets to the mobile computing arsenal for human consumption, the world has become a better place; or has it? I will leave that for the analysts to judge.

My interest in this piece is to help the average Nigerian who has been inaundated by the media and word of mouth evangelists with less than genuine care for their audience. The same Nigerian in question has received little elaboration as to what and how to choose the most reasonable device for his peculiar circumstance.

How many of you readers have purchased a tablet computer hoping to get your money's worth only to realise thar the thing was a wifi-only device. "It cant accept SIM card?" You scream on realisation. But it's too late to return it, the merchant you bought it from has moved on or worse, can't do anything about it. Well, there goes your early adopter dream and your hard earned cash.

One major problem is that most manufacturers overlook the Nigerian market to their peril. What must have been a good reason 10 years ago has simply become obsolete - ask Apple or Google or RIM!

Dear tech compliant reader, you have to be careful when you make your choice. Even if many have thrown in the towel and jumped head first on the bandwagon, never leave critical decisions on how to spend your money to the uninformed crowd. The risks are more often than not exhorbitant overpricing which by the time you find out, the gadget would have experienced the inevitable depreciation.

So what do you look out for? Good question. My advice,
1.  Know what you want (that could range from the sensible to simply just wanting to pose, it doesn't matter)
2.  Do a preliminary research. Go on the web, compare detailed specification sheets for the devices you are interested in. this will give you a good understanding of what it can do as well as user and expert reviewse. You dont want to be the guinea pig here now, do you?
3.  Verify if it was designed for the Nigerian market. I'm looking at you Kindle Fire, yes you! Shior!
4.  If the point above is in the affirmative, then, it's time to do the next klogical thing: compare prices. Check online stores, (do I have to mention names, seriously?)

If you complete all the above points and you come out with flying colors, take aim and fire. Till next time, may the odds forever be in your favour!

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