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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Blogger App for Tablets

I will just go ahead and say it: the Blogger app on Google Play is terribly lacking.
With all my excitement on learning the availability, I was slightly disappointed when I logged on to use it for the first time. I kept going back to the online platform to finish my work.

This post was typed out and if I succeed then its not all doom and gloom. The beauty of it and I think the idea behind it is to be able to send out a post wherever you are. The problem is that it comes across as incomplete when you drill down to the depths like you would be tempted to do once you start.

The text editor does have the essentials but more could be added. (Update: Forget it! I couldn't get images placed at the right spot and I had to add decent line spaces on the web so the post would look decent)

Problems noticed:
It's slow: Where other apps access the internet and dish out information at warp speed, the blogger app bare stutters along. Leaves you wondering if it logged on a different network!

No comment follow up. The reason I logged on first on this app was to respond to a comment posted on another post on this blog. Being unable to find any link to it, I had no other option but to use the web.

Poor social network integration. They are present, the links to Facebook, Twitter and the rest. The problem was that it took ages to access them and post something. It could be related to the first point but implementation could be greatly improved.

Bare bones. The app really needs to be fleshed out and optimised for speed. Being a Google app, I was surprised to see it feeling half baked.
I am currently using it on a Nexus 7 but I doubt the experienced will be different on other devices. Do let men know how your encounter was or is with the subject.

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