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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Hi Everyone!
It's been a long time but here we are. It's been very busy in the world of technology this past few weeks and the launch of Windows 8 definitely changes the game... forever.

I don't want to bore you with speculations and specs I just want to copy what a fellow blogger wrote down (it's not normal practice) that I find really essential for your Windows 8 joy: the really essential shortcuts for navigating the UI.

  • Windows: Switch between the start screen and the traditional desktop.
  • Windows-C: This shortcut opens the new Charms Bar. It works both on the start screen and on the traditional desktop.
  • Windows-X: Opens an advanced tools menu on the desktop in the location the start menu was located in.
  • Windows-Q: Opens the Apps search menu on the start screen that you can use to search for applications and programs.
  • Windows-W: Opens the settings search menu on the start screen to search for settings, Windows tools and control panel applets
  • Windows-I: Opens the Settings Charm. This works in both interfaces as well, and displays the settings of the selected item, e.g. an app or the start screen.
  • Windows-F: Opens the File search menu on the start screen to search for files.
  • Windows-K: Opens the devices charms menu.
  • Windows-Z: Displays the App Bar when an application is running. The same effect can be triggered with a right-click. (when you are in Google Chrome, this shortcut leads to a full screen switch)
  • Windows-Ctrl-B: Open the program that is displaying a notification in the notification area.
  • Windows-.: Moves the active application to the right so that it takes up 1/3 of the screen space.
  • Windows-Shift-.: Moves the active application to the left where it takes up 1/3 of the screen.
  • Windows-O: Lock the screen orientation.
  • Windows-V: Display all notifications
(culled from

It takes getting used to and after a while of usage, you will. I definitely found this helpful and I'm sure you will.


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