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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to Share your Posts to Google+ Pages Automatically

It has become super easy to send your blog post to your Google+ pages. It used to be a terrible experience to make your GPlus company page or blog page get your blog post from blogger because there was no direct way to do this. Yes, you had a myriad of add ons but I never really found a polished one.

Now, we couldn't care less if third-party decides to add Google+ capabilities or not because we can now post automatically to our G+ page.

Here's how to:
Log in to your account.
Select the blog you want to work with
Click on Google+ (shown in the picture above). You should have a Google+ page already at this point because you would see all pages associated to your account in the box that shows up. This is where you select the page you want to have the blog associated to.
From now when you click on share inside blogger, it would be sent to your associated G+ page.


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