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Friday, 13 July 2012

Samsung Pushes ICS to Flagship Galaxy S2

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in!

Don't get me? Just look at the subject line of this post. Even though Android OS has received a new version from Google in the name of Jelly Beans or 4.1, Samsung is just getting round to let their devices receive the foundation version - Ice Cream sandwich or 4.0.

According to Business Today, upgrades have begun roling out to Samsung's Galaxy S2 (on of the most successful Android phones till date). Below is the procedure you need to follow upgrade your GS2 OS to ICS.

Galaxy S II LTE ICS Upgrade Procedure (Courtesy Samsung Website)

Installing Samsung Kies:

1. Verify that no previous version of Samsung Kies is installed on PC. If a previous version of Samsung Kies is installed, please remove before proceeding with Kies installation.START>>All Programs>>Samsung>>Kies>>Uninstall Kies>>wait for Kies program to be removed.
2. Open Samsung Kies folder on PC desktop and double click Kies icon to install program.

Firmware Upgrade Procedure
1. Run Samsung Kies program.
2. Connect data cable to PC USB port.
3. Power on device and connect to data cable.
4. Wait for Samsung Kies to recognize the device.Samsung Kies will display pop-up window to alert if there is a software update available. 
5. Click to begin software upgrade process.
6. Click "I have read all the information"
7. Select information saving option.
8. Click Start upgrade
9. Firmware upgrade in process. Do not disconnect the cable from the PC.
10. Firmware upgrade complete.

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