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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Looking to Buy eBooks in Nigeria?

Since the explosion and popularity of mobile computing in the form of phones that can do more than just make calls and more recently, their bigger sized cousins, ebooks have become increasingly popular. There are reports that ebook comsumption is on the rise.

However, this explosion in the new reading format has been extremely slow to non-existent in Nigeria (it keeps me wondering that most big companies do not know the market potential of the most populated black nation on earth). Ever tried buying ebooks while in Nigeria? Ever visited Amazon.com in search of electronic books that you could read on your device whether smart phone or tablet computer? You will be greeted with a "not available in your region" alert.

All this will be put to rest if Info-matic pulls off their new venture. I am solidly behind the business model even though I'm not a fan of the name of the service (come on, guys, you can do better!). It basically works like any other online retail shop with all the standard payment platforms.

You can sort through books via the different categories like Top Sellers and discount deals and titles like: 
How to be Successful with Women
How to Start and Investment Club for Fun or Profit
Sell Your House without an Agent
How to Get the Truth from Anyone
Forex Trading
Code of Success and
Business Manager Deals, etc will get readers excited. The best thing is the prices are reasonable ranging from 2000 to 12,500 Naira (from the books I browsed).

Good Start
While this is a good start, Info-matic can not rest on its achievements - there's still work to be done. The platform needs features like periodical free offerings; sneak peek to help readers read a couple of pages to help them decide if to go ahead and make a purchase. It only remains to be seen if many lovers of the written word will take the bait.


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