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Monday, 2 July 2012

Fans Threaten to Boycott Apple Products on Google+

Pulled from #BoycottApple Stream on Google+

If you are on GooglePlus, you will notice a trending topic with the hashtag #BoycottApple. It hasn't yet hit the list on the right but with the speed at which fans of Android and Samsung are going, it might soon.

Update: It has now hit the list at number 2 (see picture on the right)

This must have come in the wake of yet another ban on an iPhone rival phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a collaboration between Google and smart phone giants (and Apple's major competitor) Samsung. Samsung also used to be a major distributor of components to the Cupertino company. But lately, there has been a fall out that has led to lawsuits and counter lawsuits spanning more that 9 countries at some point.

Friday last, a judge granted an injunction to ban the above mentioned phone (Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned earlier that same week) in the US on Apple insistence because the latter says there were infringements on its intellectual property - sometimes as trivial as the slide to unlock feature on the iPhone.

Fans have taken to the social media network to voice their disdain about the way Apple has treated this matter.
The post above pretty much sums up the general feeling. We'll see how this develops...

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