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Friday, 4 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is Out! What are the Selling points?

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I'm sure by now you know that the Samsung Galaxy SIII (SG3) is has been unpacked by Samsung. In an event held in London yesterday, the company ousted the new flagship phone that they are hoping to rival the popularity (and sales) of the widely know S II - it's predecessor.

Here's my take from what I know:
GS3 performing the S Beam
First off, I've had a debate early today why Sammy should give this beast of a machine a 4.8" display - The Note is supposed to be the bridge between tablets and smartphones. I honestly don't thing an almost 5 incher is what the new Galaxy phone should have. That being said, GS3 is still a monster!

There was a heavy focus on the software side of things this time by the company. This is evident in the range of new features that would be exclusively available on this phone (in my opinion, if these features trickle down to "older" phones, the pay off will be better). First one that comes to mind is the S-Beam. This is a feature that will enable GS3 to transfer large files via NFC and Wifi Direct (the wifi of the device). According to Engadget, the transfer rate could go up to 300 Mpbs. that is huge.

Other additional features include the S-Voice, which is similar to the iPhone's Siri. From Engadget, others are:

Group Tag
This feature rewards those of you who keep your contacts list organized by group. If certain photos include an individual with a contact profile, that pic will automatically be assigned to a matching group in albums. For example, if John is listed under Family in contacts, he'll also appear in an album called Family, making it easy to locate images without taking the time to assign them to specific albums.
Social Tag
We saw a hint of this with the Google Glasses demo, but Social Tag is about to hit the mainstream. The feature matches subjects in photos to the profile image on their contact page, then displays contact info as an on-screen overlay during photo playback. Google+ content will pop up in full, in addition to a Facebook profile link (no embedded info) and a shortcut to your subject's contact page.
Buddy Photo Share
Expanding on those facial recognition and contact list enhancements is a feature called Buddy Photo Share, letting you boot a pic to your friend with a single tap. Like Social Tag, Buddy Photo Share uses the profile image from your bud's contact page for identification, and also sends on the shot to the email address saved on your Galaxy S III.
Other SG3 specifications
As shown during the company's launch, the phones speed is outrageous. Spotting a 1.4GHz Exynos 4212 Quad core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP camera with a 1.9 MP front facing and 16/32/64 GB (with a space for micro sd cards), this device is set to trump all that it face. This, though is left to be judged until it launches later this month around the world.
You can check out a comparism between Apple's iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 here.

If you are in Nigeria, you can buy the Galaxy S 2, which is still a lovely piece of machine! Prices are dropping - in Lagos, you can get for around 80 thousand Naira. You need help in getting a good price, give us a call.


  1. As I said before, I am disappointed enough with the design not to care what they put under the hood. I stand to be corrected but the S3 may never achieve the feats of its predecessor. Looks more like a Nexus 2 than an S. Also a lot of us android fanatics criticized Apple for what we labeled 'Incremental improvements' Well here, other than ICS, Quad Core and .5 inches of screen, I cant see anything Wow. The HTC One X seems to take the cake for me. Guess too much of a good thing can be bad. We were still reeling from the double hit combo of the S2 and its larger cousin-The Note...For a new Sammy flagship, we had every right to expect to be blown...Sadly I'm not.

  2. I agree with you on one thing, the display size increase wasn't a necessity. However, if you see this machine work, you'ld know that they put in a lot. I think the features (software wise) that were added are worth it and the quad core gives it the juice to deliver. I'm blown but not away!
    Guess the S2 set the bar too high.

  3. wow.. W8ing... My hands are itching to buy this phone.. And also at the same time, I am confused between Iphone5 and S3 from now.. lolz

  4. Yes, Anand, the phone is indeed something...