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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Glo Nigeria Launches an App Store

Globacom Nigeria or Glo as it's more popularly known quietly launched an app store for its customers who use certain smart phone makes. It is really an relatively innovative way to add value to subscribers even though the idea of telcos selling apps have been around for a while.

The idea is to get you to pay for apps with your local currency (Naira) instead of going to the Android Market, for example, and paying in dollars that is if you can get a working payment card.

How does it work?
Visit the app site, and select you mobile make and model and click View application available or you can just download the Mobile GLO Appstore and work directly from your mobile phone - after all that is where your download will end up, right?                                    If, however, you are still working on your PC, when you hit the download on an app, you will get the following screen below:
There are options for browsing through the store including: 
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Currently supported are phone makers like Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry. For us, we think it's a good start but they have to do better than free software and 100 Naira price-tagged apps that are a little better than obscure in order to hit the success that they need. Also, we are not sure if you must have a Glo line before you access the platform.


  1. I actually don't use smart phones. Indeed they're fun to use but that fact that the battery drains very fast makes me everybody crazy. Smart phones are for business use only.

  2. Ian, you've got to be kidding me :)
    What kind of phones do you use? U might be using one and thinking otherwise. Anyways, before long you will have a different opinion. About the battery issue you raised, that was a problem last year or two years ago but today, the smart companies are making longer lasting batteries - just ask around.
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