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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MTN Pulse: What you need to know

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It is a well known fact that MTN Nigeria has the largest subscriber base in the telco industry in the country. It's also an open secret that they are not the fastest to jump on the customer satisfaction ship. That is why it's always news to see them come up with 'new' offerings.

The latest covering the media airwaves is the MTN Pulse. So here is what it is and what its not:

1. First it's a tariff plan. And to the best of my understanding it will work alongside with the Xtra cool / Funlink flavour they have always offered the young at heart (and pocket).

2. It has Chat offering. The nature of this aspect of the service is not quite clear to me if they are going forward to going backwards. 5 Naira per SMS? How many chats can you send with that kind of billing?

Below is a table grabbed from their website that explains every thing that would be taking up cost when you subscribe to this tariff plan.

MTN PulseTariffs
Calls from MTN - MTN
1st minute of the day (On-net/Off-net)58 kobo per second
2nd  minute and above (Pulse – Pulse)10 kobo per second
2nd  minute and above (Pulse – Other MTN)30 kobo per second
Happy Hour calls (12.30am – 4.30am)FREE
 Calls from MTN –Other Networks
2nd  minute and above35 kobo per second
MTN – MTN Group Network:58 kobo per second
Calls to International Zone 1:67 kobo per second
Calls to International Zone 2:1.25 Naira per second
Calls to International Zone 3:11.67 Naira per second
SMS MTN – MTN:5 Naira per SMS sent
SMS MTN – Other Networks in Nigeria:10 Naira per SMS sent
SMS WECA:10 Naira per SMS sent
SMS International:15 Naira per SMS sent
MMS:60 Naira per MMS sent
DATA:5 Kobo per Kilobyte
PLUS CHAT:5 Naira per SMS
Changing plans
First change in 30 days:FREE
Next change within 30 days:NGN100.00

To subscribe to the Pulse Chat, do the following:

simply text CHAT to 33117 for FREE and you will receive details on how to complete your registration.
Requirements for registering for this service are: 

  • A unique username or ID
  • Your location
  • Age
  • Gender

After you register, you can search for friends and add friends to your chat group.
If you do not want your friends to see you on MTN Pulse Chat, you can hide your MTN Pulse Chat ID from being added by friends and acquaintances.
You will able to cancel your MTN Pulse Chat subscription at anytime by simply sending the keyword Cancel to 33117. To cancel is FREE.