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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mac OSx Flashback Trojan Removal

We began hearing about the dreaded flashback trojan last week. (I use the Windows platform) However, by this time,there have been numerous reports of many Mac user already hit by the malware program. It is not very often you hear that Mac OS X is under attack from malicious programs but here it is again.

According to, Flashback is the name for a malicious software program discovered in September 2011 that tried to trick users into installing it by masquerading as an installer for Adobe Flash. (Antivirus vendor Integobelieves Flashback was created by the same people behind the MacDefender attack that hit last year.) While the original version of Flashback and its initial variants relied on users to install them, this new form is what’s called in the security business a drive-by download: Rather than needing a user to install it, Flashback uses an unpatched Java vulnerability to install itself.

The good news is that Apple has released a removal tool for Mac OS X10.7 user who have never installed Oracle's Java. Click here to visit the source.

The guys over at Macworld also detail ways to know if your Mac has been infected.

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