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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Meet the Samsung Dual Sim Galaxy Phones

Samsung has been advertising their new dual SIM entrants to the smartphone line up in Nigeria for a little while now and the spec sheet looks encouraging.

Now for a little background, the dual SIM phone business has been a niche that Chinese knock offs have been using to gain market share in Nigeria because of seemingly poor service of individual telco networks - you have to have back up. Anyways, Nokia took a millennium to put dual SIMs in the Nigerian market so competitors took advantage.

Samsung launched some dual SIM phones earlier but not Android based ones. This makes this round of launch a very pleasant news to Android fans across the country. Here's the spec sheet from

I'm not quite sure of the pricing of these phones in the market but it could be around 35grand (about $ 221 US) for the Pro and a little less for the other. If you have a confirmed price, please leave it in the comment. 

Confirmed price: 28k for Y Duos and 29k for Y Pro Duos (All prices in Naira and in Lagos, Nigeria)

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