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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Apple to Launch iPad HD or iPad3 today?

Every time Apple prepares to launch a new consumer product in to the market, there's a build up of excitement from the guess-ers and bloggers (including me, right?).

This time it's about the world's bestselling tablet computer, the iPad. With older brothers, the iPad and iPad2, selling at record levels, the Cupertino company has deemed it fit to roll in another version in to the hands of its eagerly waiting worshippers, sorry, fans. A few days ago, some industry spotlights, began claiming that the iPad wasn't going to have the figure 3 attached to the end of its name but instead HD was a proper, more befitting add on.

Well, in a few hours we'll know who is right and who is dead wrong but here's a paragraph from Techcrunch about what is definitely probably sure to be present in the soon-coming device:

"it sure seems like all of the following will be true: there will be a new iPad unveiled. It will be called the “iPad HD” and not the “iPad 3″. It will feature a “Retina” display that is twice the resolution of the previous iPad display. It will feature 4G LTE technology on some models. It will have more RAM than the previous versions. It will be slightly thicker. It will have a better camera. It will launch March 16. The prices will be the same. It will have a button"

Will you buy the new iPad? What would you rather see in the iPad3/iPad HD?

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