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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ubuntu Changing Computing with Android Add-on

If Canonical (developers of Ubuntu and its earlier siblings) were to drop this software today on any android driven smart phone, Microsoft and the folks at Redmond will be very afraid. Seriously, the app or add-on that is designed to sit along side your flavour of the Android OS (and both of them operational at the same time) and literally replace your system unit.

Let me explain.

According to reports,Canonical released a software that can make your dual-core-processor-having Android smart phone give you access to a full desktop experience by just plugging a monitor and a keyboard via HDMI or USB connection. The effect is that you will not need to have a box running your preferred desktop OS to be able to work at the pace of a full blown desktop any more just like the image above suggests.

The software it self is developed for smart phones with 1GHz dual core processors which would explain why the company is courting phone makers to have the app bundled on their high end phones by the end of 2012. The software is said to be available for download and installation but would require some level of expertise and it would be at owner's risk since they are still working out existing kinks. An immediate impact would be felt in the corporate world where they would just buy a phone with this capability instead of a full computer and have their staff work from any where they are.

Just think for a moment about the freedom... No laptops, tablets, desktops. You don't have to worry about multiple internet connections and subscription for your various devices, just one smart phone to do it all. And this is possible because smart phones today are beginning to spot processors that are found in low end notebooks.

Here's to the next revolutionary idea that might just blow up Canonical and rock Redmond's boat!

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