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Saturday, 31 December 2011

What Are Your Gadget Plans for the New Year?

Hi, been a while  right? Well, yea! I've been busy with the holidays. How about you? Let me say, with this opportunity: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

So what are your plans for new shinny gadgets for next year? Some of my friends are already making choices and backing it up with purchases. A few have asked my advice and I have given them what I felt was the best and some of them have gone with them with pleasing results.

A 4.3" monster in Samsung Galaxy S2 for AT&T

One actually bought a Kindle Fire (see how to set one up if you get it) here in Nigeria for a great price and later sold it making a neat 10grand from the fast deal. She later bought an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 2 (yes, they are here in Nigeria). Even though not brand new, the phone came with a ballistic pack and seeing that AT&T still has the ad for the phone on their website, you will know that the phone is still hot on the market.

A Sony Ericsson Arc S was bought by another of my acquaintances and what a beauty. I was drooling at the picture quality, the slim design and was amazed at how light the gadget felt in my hands. Guys, you definitely have to make the right choice when you are making gadget purchases for the new year.

Lucky enough, the prices are more human than you would expect (see my previous post). I don't know if what the telcos here in Nigeria are selling things like Samsung SG2 and Galaxy Note is worth it, but if you dig deep enough you will find more friendly prices.

"What about the iPhone," you will ask, "you didn't mention it in the narrative about amazing gadgets?" If you like simplicity in your gadget operation and you have the pocket for it; if you have been eyeing the iPhone, one way or the other, do yourself the favour and go for it. That much I will say.

Happy New Year, once again and may your days be bright!

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