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Monday, 12 December 2011

New Soft tech roundup...


Showing contact detail with Rapportive
There's an awesome service I've been using for awhile now in my Gmail that helps with identifying email senders. Rapportive helps in giving you more details of who sent u an email: if they are on any of the given social network.
Their profile appears on the right side of your inbox and you can reply to latest posts without leaving your inbox. The great thing is that the app is fluid and beautiful unlike many of it's competitors.
You can add Rapportive in your Gmail right now by visiting their website:

Also, this app is a browser-based add-on and it currently supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Google+ Circles show up in Gmail

Google has added the famous Google+ circles inside Gmail. The very first thing this brings to mind is the now-killed Buzz that was discontinued or about to be discontinued. Anyways, perish the thought, because this implementation has nothing to do with social. The only thing this does is to show emails that you have received from anyone in your Google+ circle.

Google+ Circle shows up in Gmail
What this does so very nicely, is to categorize emails already in your inbox (or soon to arrive) based on the contacts you have in your Google+ (ie if you are a G+ user). I must say that this is nicely done and in a world where everyone was using Google plus, the circle categorization could have easily replace the inbox, sent mail, draft category (or maybe not)

Any how, that's our round up. Was away on my honeymoon that's why you haven't heard from me in a while! :)

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