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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Are You Shopping with Dealdey yet?

What is DealDey?

DealDey is a site where where request numbers are used to drive a bargain with vendors, service providers and various products whose owners are interested in getting new customers.

The whole idea is that you will not see the prices on items you get through DealDey any where in the market. This is because they use the number of mass buyers who are interested in a single product to bring down the original cost.

Pictured above is an example of a live bargain price showing the original prices and DealDey prices. The site has been around for a while but have begun to offer more interesting products and service in recent times. Initially loaded with cup cakes and food deals, you can now get electronics like these (haven't seen smart phones, though) every now and then.

I had a chat with their support when trying to make inquiries for a product I was interested in through their online chat and the response was quite good.

Is it safe?
This is the one million dollar question that Nigerians would be interested to know the answer to. From what I see, yes, will be the answer. They have quite a number of payment options including online card payment (with your ATM debit cards, may credit cards as well), bank payment, and payment at their physical location.

The last method will be highly comfortable for those of us who do not want to fall prey to online scammers. Yes, they have a physical location. If you are not yet convinced of what they can do or what they look like, you can take time out to visit them. (Get the address from their site at

So how do you know when there's a great deal at DealDey?
Sign up to their mail alert system and you will not miss a deal. Are you waiting to have a massage, facial, or the total beauty package but you want it a bit cheaper? Do you need to get to wicked fashion glasses? Or buy that 42" LCD TV? Well sign up here so you can receive deals of the day direct in your inbox every single day.

How do you redeem your product or service?
Once you pay for your choice item (through any of the chosen methods), a coupon will be sent to you through sms and/or email. This coupon is what you take to the vendor to claim your purchase. Say you paid for a Samsung product (again, through any method) , you receive a coupon. Then you match to a Samsung outlet office with your coupon and claim your purchase.

I hope this helps.


  1. The online card payment services really nice. It through many peoples access that useful effort.

  2. Anonymous14.5.12

    wats up wit d advertisement?...i hope u didnt do it 4 free?

  3. Not an advert, Anonymous, just helping u find good services you can use effectively for free