Friday, November 11, 2011

Buy Android Smartphones, Tablets & iPhones in Lagos, Nigeria for better Prices

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One of the things that used to tick me off was the fact that you couldn't get smart phones and tablets in the local market in Nigeria at normal prices.

Take for example the new Blackberry Z10, most telcos are selling it at 100,000 Naira i.e. about 650 US dollars. Even though it's been offered with some monthly data. However, things are changing and the presence of competition is driving prices to acceptable points. For example, I was able to buy a Nexus 7 32GB, wifi 3G for 65,000 Naira from an online retailer in Lagos. This would be next to impossible in the not so distant past.

And even I as I said that I remember someone else offering me a 16GB model of the same device for 75,000. That is how cut throat getting things without research can get.

The list below is not updated frequently and would have changed over time. Please click the banner on the right to get prices and buy online.

Apple Products
Apple iPad
16GB/3G                                              89,000
32GB/3G                                            123,000
64GB/3G                                            139,000

Apple iPad2  

16GB/3G                                            109,000
32GB/3G                                            123,000
64GB/3G                                            139,000

Samsung Products
Samsung Galaxy Tab
8.9" 16GB/3G                                      93,500
10.1" 16GB/3G                                    97,500 85,000

Galaxy Ace                                            35,000
Galaxy S2                                              86,500 78,000
Galaxy S3                                             89,000
Galaxy Nexus                                        95,000

When buy a smart phone or tablet you should do a little research with sites like to compare specifications and to make sure you are getting what you want.
Please leave a comment if you know where these smart phones are cheaper in Lagos, Nigeria.

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