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Monday, 14 November 2011

Google takes on Dealfish with Google Trader

Now we know that Google is here to stay in Nigeria. The internet giant has been lurking around for a number of months now and it seems that whatever they have been cooking up is ready for prime time!

This shouldn't surprise anyone that has been following available job opportunity in the IT sphere. They (Google) have been recruiting like crazy all around the world, Nigeria included. While what I want to share with you today is not spanking new, it is still in beta phase but like most Google services beta is nearly as good as ready.
Google Trader

So what is it? What is this new service? Online market place providers should be very afraid. Providers of similar service like Dealfish, Jobberman, and other specialized platforms for car sales, job boards are going to be given a run for their money. And if Google does this right, may be it will even force some to retire.

Google Trader is the new Dealfish competitor and it's doing this in a very big way! Google Trader is offering on it's pages, a database of Cars for sales, Jobs from reputable firms, Electronics, and many other categories. It's really just an in your face copy of what Dealfish offers.

What informed Google to get into this sphere? One will never know but we can guess. The ubiquitous search engine that is run by Google are streamlined to be relevant to local markets. Nigeria is no different. This is why when you type in in your browser, it redirects to This, I can guess, has given Google front seat role to what has been pulling the big bucks when it comes to search traffic: what people are looking for in Nigeria.

Now they know that it is a lucrative space and they want to be a part of it. Who can blame them. Competition is always a good thing, right? For the customer in the end, that is. Anyway, that is my little contribution to your internet buffet today.

Here's to better service offerings to our deserving Nigerian onliner!

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