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Monday, 10 October 2011

Etisalat's (Nigeria) Easyblaze Internet (fast Internet)

I attended the unveiling of Etisalat Nigeria's new Internet service provision that was being offered to Nigerians.

After a series of tantalizing ads from the hip network over a few weeks, the service finally was ready for the awaiting public. The ceremony was held at Silverbird Galleria and witnessed a lot of interest from the general public looking to see the latest offering from the network that seemingly brought cost of calls in Nigeria to the reach of a lot more people in the most populous black nation.

They claimed that you could get up to 42mbps of speed on their new high broadband internet service. After watching them use internet modem (like the one most people have) connection to fire up video sites including Live Aljazeera and Youtube streaming, I thought there was something interesting going on. So I dug a little deeper.

Etisalat now offers categories of internet connection on their network that would allow subscribers to take advantage of high speed internet (broadband that's finally faster than you, according to them). My only issue is that there is too much segmentation on the same internet provider and unsuspecting users would be unaware that they might not be qualified to use the fastest offering if they do not have the right devices or use the right category of subscription.

Categories of modems (according to speed that can be reached)
3.6mbps (old type of device) sold for 5,500 naira
7.2mbps, going for 6500 and
21.6mbps, yours for 11,500 naira.
Having these modems do not guarantee you receiving the speed capable by these modems. As explained to me by one of the attendants, if you are using a data package of 100MB or a daily package (100 naira), you will not be able to access the speedy connection. However anything above that will grant you instant access into the world of speed!

Of course, the category of modem that would make you watch youtube or cnn live like you are watching a video that's on your computer is the last one. And time only would tell if they would be able to sustain the speed when demand increases on the network.This could also be a motivator to the older telcos that have been in the country and offering less that desirable internet speed in congested areas like Lagos.

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