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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

MTN Funlink Reloaded is now super charged!

There's a previous post on MTN funlink reloaded that you might want to read to get a head start on this one.

Anyways, @MTNNG (their twitter handle) started blasting out tweets to there 30,000+ followers that changes have been made to their Funlink plan that is targeted towards their young subscribers. Below is a series of tweets carrying what they call "great news." Given that calls will be 15k/sec (9naira/min) I think, I makes for great news indeed.

Previously subscribers pay 25 Naira
daily fee to access the benefits on this tariff plan. However, MTN has now removed the fee and also added 4MB (previously 3MB) available from 12am to 4am (for the nite owl in you). The tweets:

@MTNNG: Great news!!!!! No more daily access fee, calls now 15k/sec, free Happy Hour voice calls, 40 SMS and 4MB of Data on MTN FunLink Reloaded!!

@MTNNG: No more access fee! No more access fee ! Dial *406# or text 406 to 131 to enjoy unbeatable freebies on MTN FunLink Reloaded! Great news!!!

And one more:

@MTNNG: We have also increased the free data offer from 3MB to 4MB on MTN FunLink Reloaded! Great news!!!!

I'm not sure if the 15k/sec (after the first minute of 58k/sec) which is for only MTN to MTN will do the trick but the no access fee will definitely be attractive to lot more people. (I hope you are ready for the network overload).

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