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Friday, 9 September 2011

How to Import Your Facebook Friends' Contact to Yahoo & Gmail and Google Plus

A lot of folks do not know that you can get the email of your friends on Facebook to other email platforms like Yahoo and Gmail. Well today is your lucky day! To get all your friends' email addresses is an important but sometimes a not-needed activity until you really need it.

Here's how to go about it.

Use Yahoo to import Facebook contacts to Gmail
You must have a yahoo email account to be able to do this. In the event that you use Gmail and want to use that awesome email platform to work with your contacts from facebook, you will need to go through a double process (don't worry, it's really simple to do). This is because the 'cold war' between
Facebook and  Google is still on going and non of them would give up information to the other  easily. So we use Yahoo as a mediator between them - like the diagram above suggests :)

Anyways, sign in (or sign up for a new yahoo account if you don't already have one) to your yahoo email account.
Find the 'Contact' tab and click on it. From under the 'Popular tools' click on 'Import Contacts.'

Click Import Contacts to start importing from Facebook
Next page that opens, Click on the Facebook icon and answer the question: Do you want to import Facebook contacts? by clicking Yes or Ok.

You are almost done! You will see Yahoo working hard to retrieve your contacts from Facebook. All that remains is for your to wait (this could take any amount of time depending on whether you have a lot of 'friends' on facebook and you a fast or slow Internet connection) for Yahoo to finish the importing and you are done with that.

Exporting to Gmail
When your contacts ave finished importing into Yahoo and you need to move the contacts to gmail, simply log into your gmail account. Find Contacts under Mail on the left column and click.

Click on Tools drop down menu then select Export...

Go back to the yahoo contact page and do the following:
1. Click on Tools drop down arrow.
2. Click no Export...
3. Select Yahoo CSV option and save in a destination folder of choice on your pc.
4. Now go back to the gmail contact and click on 'More' drop down arrow. Select Import... and select the location where the yahoo csv was saved. Follow the rest of the prompt and finish.

Importing to Google+
If you wish to add your friends from facebook to google plus, log in to your G+ account and click on Circles.
You must have imported your facebook friends to yahoo to be able to achieve facebook to google+ import.
Once in circles, click on 'Find People.' Links for Yahoo and Hotmail and 'Upload Address Book' will be right under the main G+ bar. Click on the one you want to import from and bam, all your contacts in them will appear in the contact space.

There you have it.

I hope this helps.

Please note: If the export button on your yahoo account does not respond, you might see the "We're sorry. Some features currently are unavailable due to technical..."
I won't be surprised if yahoo is trying to block gmail from getting contacts from its users as well. It's all part of the corporate conspiracy :)
Any how, if it doesn't work, give it some time and try again.

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