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Monday, 26 September 2011

How to Create "Add to Circle" widget for your Site/Blog

You can now create a widget to help your readers follow you on Google+. This is very similar to the "find us on facebook" widget that you find on most sites (including this one). I stumbled upon a tool to make the process of creation a breeze! A sample of the widget is found on the right column of this blog just under the facebook box. So if you feel like it's something you would want to see on your blog or site, this is go about it:

Add to circles widget for Google+

Obviously, you should have a google+ account to help you do this. And if by chance, you do not have one already, head on to to grab one for yourself. To get to the tool for creating this widge, click here

Once there you would need to log in to your Google+ account and click on your profile tab. You need to copy out your profile ID which can be found in the URL of your profile in the browser address bar. Just copy out the numbers after the part of the URL. In the

You will need to add the numbers you copied from your Google+ profile in the widget creator. Adjust the colour of the widget including borders and background to suit the theme colour of your website. (If you want them to be transparent, just type * in the boxes.

The rest of the settings are quite intuitive. When you are done copy the code by clicking Get Code button and paste the code in a HTML/Javascript "Add a Gadget" in your blogger Layout.

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