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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blogger has Changed -- Massively!

If you are reading this via RSS or facebook, or any other medium, Tech News Space is currently spotting a new look with one of the newly released dynamic themes launched by Google for it's popular blogging platform, Blogger.

This new look is based on a new platform powered by HTML5, AJAX and CSS3 (all cutting edge web technology) .. and why not? Google had promised from the beginning of the year to give blogger a massive shake down. Now it's on. You have an array of choice to choose from.

You can access this new templates from the template option once you log into your blogger account. Locate Dynamic templates from where you normally get other templates. All processes of applying new templates remain the same.

Note: If you love your adsense and sidebar widgets and your general customized look, DO NOT go near this new feature!

Anyways, if you are not there now, this would be a good time to head on to the blog to see the change. It's clean and refreshing. And since I'm not into adsense for now, I can't say if the new template will support adsense.

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