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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Share Images Directly on Twitter

Today, my twitter account received a welcome message that I could now share images directly on twitter.

Apparently, you can post/share your images on twitter without having to upload it somewhere else first.

How it's done
Click the camera icon just below the "What's happening?" field and this would open up your document directory where you can select the image you want to upload.

Once you have selected the image and entered it, it shows as a small thumbnail picture as shown above. The image would appear as a link and then you can add whatever information about the image in the 120 character space.

How large can the picture be?
Your image sized has to be 3MB or less. (To check you document size, you can right click on the picture on your computer and click on "properties" - for windows users)

Other facts to note
Also in some browsers, you might not see the preview thumbnail after you have uploaded the pix instead you get a the name of the file. Once you have successfully uploaded the image, the camera icon will turn blue.
This is great news and may be the death of twitter third-party image sharing platforms. It's super fast and very easy to use.

And that's it! Tweet away!

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