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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Make Calls at upto 99% Discount on Glo Network

Globacom telecom network has launched something of a great product called Flexi. With Flexi you can call other Glo lines for as little as 99% off of your current tariff plan.

Now, because I like experimenting with these new packages every now and then, I decided to sign up. Well here are the things you need to know about the latest launch:

It works for only Glo to Glo calls
Let's say you want to call a glo line, and you are in
a location where the current discount is 80%, your call to that person will be charged with 80% off your current tariff plan. This is will not have any effect on your glo to other network calls which will be charged at your current tariff plan.

You need to activate Cell Broadcast on your Phone
Here is where most people will get stuck. Cell broadcast is a method which network providers use in communicating with their subscribers if you opt for it. How do you turn this on? If you use a Nokia phone go to Messaging, click on Options and select Cell Broadcast. You will see various channels. Choose the 050 or channel 50 and click subscribe. (There is more direction on how to activate other phones here)

Wrap up
I had to call customer care in order to understand how this new offering would benefit subscribers and it was clarified for me that joining this tariff plan does not change your existing plan - it only makes it cheaper when you are making glo to glo calls. So let's say you are on Glo Infinito plan when you join flexi, your calls to other networks will still be 15 Nairas/minute but your Glo to Glo calls will vary depending on the discount being offered your current location and time.

How to Join
Dial *135*1#
You will get a notification that your account has been updated!

Here's to a cheaper call rate in Nigeria! (Now if only we can get this Internet revolution going as well!)

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