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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Features Facebook is Stealing from Google+!

I wonder if Google will be chasing facebook with lawsuits 6 months of 1 year down the line. Since the launch of the game-changing social networking site, Google+ (G+, for short), about 6 weeks ago, Facebook has been adding features to it's own social media juggernaut at a neck-breaking speed.

Here's a roundup:

Video Chat
Although, this hasn't completely rolled out to all it's users, the very first response to G+ from FB was to go into some kind of matrimony with Skype (earlier purchased by Microsoft who has a stake in facebook). The video chat feature in Facebook falls of Google plus' Hangout that can handle group video chat.

Ability to bold in-chat text
I'm not sure if this is widespread yet or if it was just a fluke. But  I was able to do the G+ signature *text* and it caused my text to turn to a bold version in Facebook chat. They have even added _underline_ which gives your text a line under it.

Group Messaging (BB Style)
Facebook just announced a messaging app for iPhones and Androids to compete with BB chat and other group messaging offerings out there. This point is included here because Google first came out with Huddle which is their own group messaging effort.

Instant Comment
One of my favourite features in G+ when I first joined was the fact that comments are reflected on post immediately - in real time (just like on twitter). Whereas on facebook, you needed to refresh your page or click on the notification to see latest comments; however, FB has began this same approach to comments. I don't think it's widespread yet, but I have noticed it in various instances especially in Facebook Groups and Facebook Messaging.

What have you found, yourself? Let me know.

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