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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Facebook Messenger!

Of course it's going to be the top free app in the App world - there are over 750 million users of facebook, about 50% of that figure is active daily or return to the site every day.

Having said that, if you rock an iPhone or an Android and you care for another group messaging app on your precious little smartphone, head on to App world to get your download. The interface after installation would look a like this:

It is pretty intuitive to use and you can make changes to the settings in the settings area.

Some folks are reporting on twitter that the app isn't visible in their country/area yet and there are missed reactions of the app performance. The app was launched yesterday so roll out might be a bit slow. Well, it's in your hands, why don't you take it out for a spin and let's know what you think about this latest attempt at counter!

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