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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What I Love About Glo New Tariffs

I've been known to buy a new mobile line and dump it when a new and better one surfaces on another network. My reply to my 'critics' is: I am not richer than the owners of these networks. So why should I pay exorbitant amounts of money just to be able to make calls? Yea, it beats me too. If you ask me that's not lack of loyalty, that is avoiding being ripped off by these corporate moguls.

Ok, let's get down to brass task as to why I went on to Glo from Etisalat Nigeria.

First, the indigenous company has come a long way from its earliest days when it was trying hard to follow the steps of MTN Nigeria. Now Glo is charting its own course. May be it has been emboldened by its new Glo1 undersea cable. My favourite plan is Inifinito.
Glo Infinito was launched a few months back and I have been rocking this plan and enjoying every minute or second. The total cost comes to about N15/min to all networks regardless of the time. Infinito has two types; the social and the one special number.

For the social type, you can call 8 other registered Glo lines at ridiculously low prices but not as low as if you have one special number registered at which you will be paying 3kobo/sec (do the maths! you can talk for hours and your credit balance would still be smiling).

Option 11 Special Number2k/sec
Option 25 Special Numbers18k/sec

*Special numbers must be on Glo Network
COVERAGE: Any State, All Network, same tariff!


To join the New Glo infinito and start enjoying this amazing tariff, simply type the code of choice below on your mobile phone and press the send key.
  • Type *100*9*1# for option 1 of Special number
  • Type *100*9*2# for option 2 of Special numbers

Some time last weeks, Glo launched the 1derful tarrif plan where they give you one free minute for every 1 minute you are on the phone making a call. This is a fantastic offering for people who spend very long talk times a lot of times. It must be said that all these are without daily charges or hidden charges or subscription fee! Awesome, I'd say.

Then comes the one that rocks my boots off: 9 Nairas/minute to 15 different countries including the US, UK (fixed line), Canada and others. If this doesn't sell it for you, nothing else will!

My only problem with Glo is that their processes are still too slow, their Mobile Internet plans are still are bit tricky. BTW, I subscribed at one time for one of the bundles and was still tricked off my credits even when I hadn't used a fraction of the data allocation. I was peeved to say the least. However, I heard they are getting around to setting up centres all over the country that will bring customer service nearer to their teeming subscribers.

So that's it.
P.S. I am not a Glo rep or anything, just hyping a quality service. :)

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