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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Google+: The Complete Guide

For everyone asking what is Google+, this (The Complete Guide) is a complete guide that brings to you what the new revolutionary social platform can do you.

Why should you use Google+?
I picked the responses below from for those of you not willing to click on an external link to find out more details:

“Google+ is a much cleaner way to selectively share data with others. As Google integrates more of their other cloud products, like Documents, Calendar, and Reader, you’re going to see it become one of the primary means of absorbing the data streaming from the Internet and sharing it with others.” ~ Jason Poggioli
“It’s the combination of being able to share based on (hopefully!) mutual interests with the ability to get exposure to interesting people and ideas. The relationship doesn’t really have to be two way, but it doesn’t all have to be public.” ~ Holly Henry
“For some reason, the level of engagement is higher. Commenting and resharing seems to happen at a higher rate here (so far.)” ~ Bill Shander
“I’ve had a Facebook account since 2003. It’s time for something more grown up that gives me more control and has a more organic user experience.” ~ Sean Cooper
“The clean user interface of Google+, combined with the lack of distracting elements, or so-called features (such as all of the add-on games and apps on FB that clutter up your stream), that I never use, attract me to Google+. This, combined with the Circles feature, choosing who you share with, are the primary draws.” ~ Scott Davis
My Verdit
Google+ rocks! (the platform at least) I have had a Google+ account for 2 days now and I keep discovering new things and people (a lot of top class people). Social is really new way to use the Internet and just limiting yourself with services that heralded this new era doesn't cut it. Google+ brings lots of new things to the table that I don't have the time to start exploring now (maybe in another post or if you read the complete guide from mashable you will get more than enough to start with).
All these said, you can only gain access to the service through an invite for now (an there are about 18 million people on it already!) sent to you from a user. If you need an invite you can leave a comment (with your email address if you don't mind spams or follow me on twitter @espaceinc and Direct Message me) and I'll send you one.


  1. Please send me one.

    Thanks and great post!

  2. I hope you are live on G+ now? Cos I sent you the invite already!