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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Windows 8

I can start this blog in a number of ways because of the surprise that the content carries. But this will suffice:
Yesterday, Microsoft, the new big blue, unveiled what would be the next generation of its flagship product: Windows. Codenamed Windows 8, you can only see it to understand the massiveness and innovative thinking that has gone into this work.

Reaching files in Win8
Accessing photos

If you have had any experience with Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, you will have gained many steps in the utilization of “Windows 8” (don’t get used to the name, it might change Smile)

Swipe Windows8
Swipping to call up a minimized app.
The Start window
It’s going to run on laptops, tablets, desktops (with traditional mouse and keyboards) and it was designed ultimately for touch.
To me, it’s really a marriage between local computing and cloud computing with everything from HTML5 to Java scripting in between. But all in all, this will cause a massive psunamic effect on next-gen computing and breath of fresh air to the old system.

Coupled with the Nokia + Microsoft combo, Microsoft is setting the stage for conquering the world a second time!

I have been using the most recent release of the Windows 8 OS called the Release Preview, it came out after the Consumer Preview (which was after the Developer Preview). All I can say is that the OS's got potential. However, I really feel inadequate when using it on my desktop. It might be a hit on mobile devices but it can be something of a drag on the desktop. However, I could be wrong because when this thing finally ships many more changes might have been made... oh, and the fact that I'm running it on a virtual machine.

Release date has been set for October 26th of 2012.

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