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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Get your PMP without Going Broke!

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I passed my PMP exam on the 25th of August 2011. It was both an experience to enjoy for a long time but an examination process I probably won't like to take again any time soon! Why? Four hours of answering mind-bending questions is no joke. So below I share one of the tools that helped me both qualify and get comfortable with the whole certification process.

Ok. Let's get it out of the way. Yes, I've used the product I'm about to introduce to you in my quest to becoming a PMP certified professional (no kidding) and yes, I will make a little bus fare if you buy the product from the link I'll provide you.

So, have you ever wanted to be a project manager and you have little information how to go about it? Or you have already started and you are just looking to consolidate on your learning base (whatever that means). Anyways, an important topic that comes up for every prospective PMPer is 35 contact hours of formal learning not to mention having the most fun way to learn the sometimes dry topics. The question is how do you get this very key component of the requirements?

1. You may already have it: Have you attended previous classes that taught project management? Whether in your undergrad days or during some training that your company sponsored? Well, did you keep track of the number of hours of those classes? Do you have some form of documentation that you attended these classes? If your answer is yes to all the previous questions, then you might have bagged some hours of the 35. (Please refer to the Project Management handbook from

2. You could attend a formal class specifically for the attainment of the goal. There are loads of companies offering classes that at the end you would be able to achieve the 35 contact hours. A simple check in your local directory or searching your area would reveal some, I bet. There are also bootcamps that can give you what you seek. However, in my experience, these classes are on the high side of the budget scale and very few people can dedicate time for some back-to-school day howbeit for a short period (we gotta pay the bills, right?).

3. You can use this amazing tool I used.  PM PrepCast™ prepares you for the project management exam and at the same time hands you the cherished certificate of the attainment of 35 contact hours of formal learning. Project Management Institute, PMI, the organization that's behind PMP, has REPs that are qualified to give individuals this requirement after undergoing some form of training. PM PrepCast™ is one of such REPs and  gives you this training through videocast and popcasts. Yes, right there in your iPod or Zune or whatever portable media player you've got in your pocket. How?
      - Go to their website (you can just click the link)
      - Make your purchase
      - You will need itunes or equivalent software to be able to download the materials

What you will get. The PM PrepCast™ is a podcast / videocast with 120 lessons. After you make your purchase, you receive a personal link for downloading the videos. Simply watch them on your computer, laptop or your portable media player. Well presented and easy to follow, you’ll love how simple it is to study!

Download and watch the videos easily using iTunes (free software from Apple). Please note that its best to use iTunes, even if you don't use an iPod because iTunes is a robust application, extremely simple to use and it makes accessing The PM PrepCast™ a matter of just 2-3 clicks. So install iTunes, purchase The PM PrepCast, click "Download All" and 45 minutes later (depending on your internet access speed) you’ll have the complete workshop downloaded. All ready to boost your studies, improve your performance and be ready to take the exam! (Without spending hundreds of dollars)

One last thing!
The greatest thing about this tool is that it is updated for the new PMP examination format that PMI has incorporated at the end of August - precisely August 31st. You might need to go to to get more information on the exam format change.
I hope I've done my part? Shoot me a comment if you have any questions.


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