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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

MTN Nigeria now selling Samsung’s Tab Family

Finally, someone is getting it.

For a long time we have watched as great phones and gadgets get introduced into developed markets through different carriers without much coming through the way of Nigerian carriers.

MTN-LogoAs a result smartphones would take decades of months before we even get a peak at the real thing. As such many have resulted to the ‘black market’ (for want of a better description). And this had financial consequences since it was easy to buy fakes and counterfeits.

Anyways it is good to know that the largest mobile carrier in Nigeria, MTN, is now finally, howbeit, slowly getting into the groove. They now have on display choice Samsung devices from Galaxy Tab, to Galaxy 5 and Galaxy S. Even Huawei’s new tablet pc, S7 is on sale at their offices with ‘mouth-watering’ incentives.

There’s even a list of other fourth-party retail outlets to get some of the devices mentioned. If nothing else, MTN is really up-ping their game so: thumbs up. So why not check out the new spot for the satisfaction of your Android thirst!

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