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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Legacy IE gets it’s 9th version: IE9

You may hate it but it still got the biggest share of the browsing public.
Today, Microsoft announces that the ninth version of its Internet Explorer browser which is bundled with its OS will become available on March 14th.
It has been running Beta form for a while. Having had this test version for sometime now, I can say that it is definitely different from the older brothers. From screenshot above, you can see that Microsoft completely rethinks the skin. Speed (incorporates the new HTML5), security and total usability are also said to have been upgraded even new tab page has received attention but I think it is still a tad slower than the sleeker Chrome, Opera and Firefox (I have a bone to pick with Firefox but not here).
Anyways, we only have a few days to wait before we start seeing, Windows update report of IE9 installed on your computer.

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