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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

MTN Nigeria, delivers Apple iPad!

Been a long time coming but this certainly isn't the best.

MTN has now brought Apple iPad to Nigerians just when the technology giant is about to launch the follow up to their high-selling gadget that revolutionized the computer market.

Apple has been in the news lately along with other companies seeking to take a bite out of the tablet pie. It is said that the release date for iPad2 has been pushed back to July this year. However, my worry is the things are moving too slowly in the tech-sphere back here in Nigeria.

MTN, arguably the biggest telecom carrier in the country, has now decided to offer its subscribers the opportunity to buy the iPad in two variants namely: 32GB (157,000 naira) and 16GB (141,000 naira). This comes on the heels of Etisalat having brought to the market, the highly rated Samsung Galaxy Tab (which they sell for 125,000 naira).

My issue with these guys is that even if they are offering some weak incentives in the name of data access, the price at which they are selling is too steep and MTN can certainly afford to sell the iPad for less especially when they know that in a few months this same product will be outdated (if not already). Better still, why can't they offer us contract options like is done in the UK or US?

Details at MTN website and Etisalat

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