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Thursday, 20 January 2011

End of Computing As We Know It?

That's a very valid question to ask in these times of tablet computers and super smartphones.

I posted a blog earlier about Tablets or PC (this would make a good sequel). So why this question? Well for the following reasons...

- Tablets PCs and smartphones are going to get more powerful with time
Intel and their cohorts are currently in the race for who will make the fastest processor that will support the form factor of these tablets and smartphones. Dual core processors means that same size of processor can do things twice as fast as a single core processor. This, of course, will mean more power consumption (battery power is also being worked on). So in language that we lay people can understand, these small 'computers' will get smarter and do more things that only the regular computer can do like better multi-tasking, running heavy duty programs and games etc.

- Their mobility + the above point makes them hard to ignore. 
This goes without saying. You fell in love with your first smartphone because you can see websites nearly as good as they come on your PC monitor. Hey, and you can play robust games on it too and may be chat while you are at it. All these and, while you are on the road. Truly, that's an awesome reason to get one of these babies.

- They are the new rave of the moment
Now not just because your friends will call you cool once they see these gadgets on you, but because soon (within the year) many electronics manufacturers are going to be releasing their own version of tablets and more and more smartphones (it seems like there's always a new Android machine every week!). Well what does the economists tell us, demand and supply right? Right! They will become cheaper once the consumer has more options. And this will be good for you and me.

Well, these and more are the reasons I think, IMHO, that this is a signal to the end of computing like we know it. It might not be completely though. We will still be able to get our usual regular sized computers at our favourite shopping spots.

Until next time...

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