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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Google Adds Email/Chat Desktop Alert

I didn't even notice!

Opening my notebook today and hitting the Chrome browser icon on my overpopulated task bar, I launched my Gmail. I saw one of those little messages that gmail is so good at giving when you need to pay attention to something. This one said "Get mail alerts on your desktop" (or something to that effect). Of course, I clicked it.

At the moment I didn't fully realize what was gonna happen until I got a new email and "pop"! out came a message on the Windows notification area (the region where you have your desktop clock and all that...) like it does when you are using MS Outlook. Oh! So that was what it meant.

This is a new service that Google has quietly added to the Chrome browser and our favourite email service, Gmail.

True the new email alert already existed in other formats but this latest offering is deeply integrated into Gmail and it can alert new for new chat messages as well.

Go to "Settings" section of you Inbox and locate the above section.

 This doesn't work for other browsers for now, but Google is refining the process to make it possible in Firefox, Opera and the rest of them. If you can't wait till then, however, find Google chrome and download now.

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