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Friday, 17 December 2010

Nokia, Android and iPhone - Making the most of your money

When it comes to smartphones, it's all about the best and greatest apps. What can your phone achieve for you? Showing off to your friends the novel applications installed on your phone is always a good pass time - especially if you are the one doing the showing!

Lately however, the array of smartphones in the market has increased putting the buyer in a tight fix of which one to choose over the other. I have a Nokia 5230 and before I bought it, I did research like I was going off to the moon and needed to get my landing coordinates right. While an iPhone user will call this low end touch phone "crap", it does serve it's purpose.

Nokia N8

The issue on ground is Nokia needs to step it's game up! How? I will tell you how. The performance of the Symbian operating system is nowhere near it's closest rivals - whether it's touch, or qwerty. That really annoys me because Nokia has always been the one to come to the rescue of people like us with small sized wallets. Now Android is taking over. I have read reviews upon reviews of Nokia's latest flagship, N8 (running the revamped version of Symbian). Instead of seeing satisfaction, all I see is people returning it for one complaint or the other. It makes one wander, is Nokia really looking out for its customers?

Agreed, they are putting a new software together in Maemo but how long do they think they have before they loose the lead at the top of the global smartphone market? Looking at statistics, one will quickly notice that
Google Nexus S - Pure Android
  Google's Android is taking over and winning the hearts of people in the process. They are always fine tunning that little engine of theirs (having released Android 2.3, Gingerbread and word of Honeycomb out already). The iPhone is story for another day.

My point is: make the most of your money! Until Nokia is serious about high-end competition, and Blackberry decides to upgrade their engine, go for the best Android or iPhone your money can buy.

Shoot me a comment on your opinion. Happy holidays!!!

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