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Monday, 8 November 2010

Your Browser, Re-imagined!

So a new browser comes to town, eh?

Aint we all tired of jumping from Chrome to Safari, then back to Firefox and then on to Opera without even dropping by at Explorer's doorpost? Well, may be not! Here's why:

As you well know, I only write about something I find exciting - something I think has substance (which writer doesn't think his stuff has substance, lol!). Anyways, I found the link to their website this morning and decided to have a pop at it. The only discouraging thing is that you won't get a link to download the RockMeIt browser; only a Facebook connect sign up for early user.

The stuff shown on this video below makes me want to lay my hands on the browser like, RIGHT NOW! But I'll have to wait till they mail me. I have no words of my own to describe it only that RockMeIt is taking browsing the Internet to a new dimension. Enjoy!

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