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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Google Instant Preview Goes Live!

Rarely do I post two blog topics in one week. But every week is different, right? Right.

Here comes the latest news in the war of the Search Engines: Instant Preview. If you haven't started using Google Instant yet, it's probably because, the service hasn't been rolled out to the servers servicing your region. Like doesn't have the service live yet. So, to enjoy the feature, you have to log in to by clicking the link below the search bar.

The .com page has a lot of features that we currently do not have. For instance, you have the image background for google homepage. (You can activate only on the .com page by following the Select background image link on the bottom left-hand corner.)

The latest is this Instant Preview. I think it is an awesome idea. This feature lets you pre-see the webpage on your search results by clicking on a little magnifying glass. This will help searchers avoid clicking on irrelevant webpages. To enjoy this feature you need to enable it first.

If you don't see the feature, remember to switch to

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