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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Get Ur Emails on Ur Phone Instantly on Your Nokia (Push Mail for Symbians)!

Some of my friends think I am anti-BB but that could not be further from the truth. What comes to them is my wanting to be shrewd in the use of technologies available to our generation like no other before us. Yes, we are very fortunate to be in this techno-era but it pays to be in-charge and not be shackled by any thing in the name of being hip.

The selling point of blackberries, as everyone agrees (post a comment if you disagree), is the push mail service and the all-so-popular BB chat (for efficient alternatives, check my earlier post). Well not everyone can afford a Curve or a Javelin let alone Storm or Bold 1, 2 or 3. 'Nuff said about our friends at Research-In-Motion.

I came across a great app for phones running Symbian OS (S60 version 5 and version 3). Which means if you have an e63, e72 and all them other e versions or N series or the very popular 5230 or 5800 and the like, you should be able to start receiving your mails immediately someone sends you an email.

You can set it as a notification so you just see the header (containing sender's name and subject). You can also set it to download content (watch the service charge sha!). Anyhow you decide to set it it's a pleasant effect you get as a result.

Eh! Did I hear someone scream? Patience, my friends. Here is a link to the service website. It is still in the beta phase but having shown up in Ovi store, I guess they plan to stabilize it soon.

I tried it with my also lovely Gmail and official email and it worked without issues. Get to the website and click on "Download Free Application". It will give you different download options that can choose from.

Alright! Now you don't have to burden yourself with monthly payments that you can't afford. But for those of us that can afford it, by all means rock your BB (I hear there's a new flavour now - Torch). However, don't say I didn't warn you!


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