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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Great Movies for Almost Free!

I love movies... great movies that is. Even not so great movies for want of something to watch. :)

We all know how annoying it is to buy a dvd of "32" movies only to be disappointed after loading it into your dvd player. Either the particular movie you specifically bought it for is not there or it is present but the quality is so poor, you didn't enjoy it. Not all of us can jump into a car (or fly okada whichever the case) to Silverbird cinema.

Anyway, I discovered a new service that offers movies on demand. A colleague of mine,  unseriously, mentioned hearing about this service. But not having tried it, she couldn't emphasize the greatness of it. Well, I'm a net crawler, most times so almost immediately I decided to quietly investigate. And lo and behold, stars were shinning and diamonds were falling from the skies before I could say jack! presents you with a whole vista of new fresh blockbuster movies. Whatever you need. All that you require is a little software of theirs that is installed on your PC after download and an account. This software serves as the download manager and as well as the portal for search, rating and recommendation of all the movies accessed.
It is actually that simple... but of course I said "Almost Free" in the title. So why am I so enthused about this? Besides there are multitudes of sites you can get free movies and paid movies.

Here's why:
- Movies are as clear as crystal. They even have some in HD (high definition).
- No viruses or risk of any.
- Titles are organized in categories and rated by users like you.
- You can even get sitcoms and TV shows like Greys Anatomy, Lost, whatever (I discovered a great one called Covert Affairs)
- After you sign up an account with, you get a full one month trial during which you can download all the movies you want.
- After your free trial period expires, you get the option of paying as low as $4.99 for a full month or up to 10GB of movies. That, my friend is cheap compared to what you pay for one lousy movie in some portals.
- Oh, did I mention you can watch full movies online too (that's if you have enough bandwidth).

Well, that's all I've got to share on It's your turn to try and see if it's worth it.
Till next time, keep learning!

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